Welcome to The Zombie Raidâ„¢ website. 

The purpose of this site's existance is for those who wish to venture into my old and very poorly written zombie web comic from back in the day (2013 - 2016) that was made on Bitstrips.com before the site reached it's final days and finally was taken off the web in the summer of 2016. Ultimately resulting in the discontinuation of The Zombie Raid. Weather or not this will be brought back in the form of an art comic or a written novel is entirely up in the air, and if I do bring it back this would mean making it a reboot, and changing a LOT of what was originally made here. And that probably won't be for a while...

BUT... If you're a true fan of the series as well as a good writer/artist and would like for this to be brought back in your own style, you're more than welcome to take on the series and rewrite it yourself, or continue where it was left off, if you so desire!

The links to the upper left should take you to comic if you wish to read through it.

The above button will take you to a group on Facebook where you can reconnect with other Bitstrips users like myself, just remember to read and follow the rules and guidelines upon joiningIf I ever do decide to reboot TZH, this is where I'll likely post an update about it.

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